Who are we?

Established by rabbit lovers for rabbit lovers, the Ontario Rabbit Education Organization, OREO, based in Ontario, Canada, promotes the health and well being of domestic rabbits. We provide rabbit owners and caregivers with helpful information, tips and tricks regarding rabbit health, diet and behaviour.

How do we accomplish this?

The Ontario Rabbit Education Organization produces educational materials and makes them available to veterinary clinics, shelters and pet stores. We also maintain and update an information-based website, attend pet shows and exhibitions, and support a North American-wide community of rabbit owners.


• Distribution of brochures and information sheets to pet stores, vet clinics and shelters.

• A strong presence at major pet exhibitions and small pet shows.

• Working together with local Humane Societies to showcase adoptable shelter rabbits at public events.

• Numerous television and radio appearances across the province.

• Published articles in North American pet magazines and newspapers.

• Educational events at public venues and shelter awareness events

There are many benefits to becoming a part of OREO, and why our members continue to rejoin every year.
Your yearly membership entitles you to:

• Join our on-line community.  Gain access to a friendly and knowledgeable network of rabbit owners.

• Stay up to date and informed on new developments in rabbit health.

• Be invited to special events such as pet exhibitions and member meetings.  Come out and be a volunteer!

• Be eligible to submit bunny photos, articles and ideas for our publications and website.

• Obtain hot tips on where to buy hard to find items such as farm fresh hay and treats at the best prices.

• Best of all, meet new friends who are eager to listen to your bunny stories!

We appreciate your interest and we look forward to hearing from you. This group grows and benefits by member participation.