Rabbits have very long, complicated and sensitive digestive tracts. If their system slows down or shuts down they can become ill very quickly. If your rabbit has not eaten or has not been interested in food for 12 hours there is cause for alarm. Don’t hesitate to see a qualified vet ASAP. It is important that your rabbit receive immediate care and remain hydrated.

Rabbits who are in pain from other ailments, such as ear infections, molar spurs, or respiratory infection, may not be interested in eating. Be sure to explore all possibilities with your vet to find a cause for the rabbit’s lack of interest in food.

Sufficient fibre intake is essential and will help ingested fur pass through your rabbit’s system. Regularly brushing your rabbit is also essential to remove excess fur so that it isn’t ingested during grooming.

Even rabbits who eat alot of hay and are regularly brushed will sometimes go into stasis. Be prepared! Please read Gastrointestinal Stasis: The Silent Killer for information on dealing with stasis.

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