Who can resist watching a happy rabbit that hops, leaps and “dances” with joy? Rabbits are playful and intelligent. They receive enjoyment and amusement from a variety of toys. Toys promote mental alertness and exercise and prevent boredom, which can lead to depression and destructive behaviour. There are many inexpensive toys that are appropriate for your rabbit. A simple cardboard box, for example, may not seem like much to you, but to many rabbits it means “playtime”.

Rabbits have various personality traits, and not all will enjoy the same toys.
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Here are some toy suggestions that your rabbit may like:

  • Cardboard concrete forms (available at hardware and building supply stores) make excellent rabbit toys.These tubes are great for running through during those energy-filled dashes around the room.
  • Firm cardboard boxes (without a wax coating). Empty boxes with lids make great ‘hidey’ boxes. Cut a door and a window in the box, and let your rabbit remodel it. An upside down box or box with a lid is also great for the “King of the Castle” to sit on and survey his territory and loyal subjects. You can also fill a box without a lid with hay or newspaper for digging and chewing.
  • Plain brown paper grocery bags/lunch bags for digging, hiding or chewing.  Stuff with hay and treats for extra fun!
  • Empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls are fun to toss and chew. For extra enjoyment, fill the roll with hay. This is a great way to increase your rabbit’s hay consumption.
  • An old non-ravelling towel is great fun for that meticulous bunny who enjoys straightening out all of the wrinkles. Never leave a towel in your rabbit’s cage when you are not there to supervise, though. If your rabbit chews the towel, he could get his head stuck in a hole, and possibly strangulate himself.
  • Untreated wicker baskets make great chew toys.
  • Hard plastic cat, parrot or baby toys can be fun to toss. Do not give any of these toys to your rabbit if they contain small pieces that can be chewed off, or holes where paws can get stuck.
  • Canning jar rings for throwing.
  • Newspaper or old phone books are great for shredding and chewing. Stay away from colour printed paper that may contain toxic inks. These items can be offered as a substitute to your expensive wallpaper.
  • An all-cotton athletic sock can be used in a game of tug-o-war .  Tie a knot in the end.  You just gently hold one end (not counter-pull), and let your rabbit pull the other end.
  • Compressed hay cubes with no additives are great for pushing around and chewing.

If Bunny doesn’t seem interested in a certain toy at first try it again later because attitudes change. Remember playtime can be a team effort and not just a spectator sport. Bunny might enjoy a game of fetch…in reverse. He throws a jar lid and you retrieve it for him so he can throw it again, and again, and again>

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If you aren’t the crafty type, there are many online rabbit shops that sell various bunny friendly toys!

Online Bunny Shops: