Answer the following questions – true or false.

1. Rabbits are rodents?

(False: Rabbits are lagomorphs. Rabbits can’t hold food with their front paws like rodents (mice, rats, hamsters) can.

2. Rabbit should only eat carrots?

(False: Carrots have a lot of sugar and should be given as a treat only)

3. Rabbits only have front teeth

(False: Rabbits also have back teeth (molars) that you can’t see because their mouths are small)

4. Rabbits like to be picked up and cuddled?

(False: Rabbits like to have their feet on the ground. Some like to be petted but few like to be lifted up and carried around.)

5. Rabbits should live outside?

(False: Rabbits are much happier and safer living indoors with their families)

6. Rabbits never need to be let out of their cages

(False: Rabbits need exercise so they can stretch their long legs. They need to run in a ‘bunny-proofed’ safe area)

7. A small rabbit is friendlier and makes a better pet than a big rabbit

(False: Every rabbit is different no matter which it looks like and large rabbits can be just as friendly as small rabbits)

8. Rabbits need to have baths

(False: Rabbits are very clean animals. They lick their own fur to keep clean and should not be bathed)

9. Rabbits don’t need their toenails trimmed

(False: Having nails that are too long can hurt their feet. Rabbits need an adult to trim their toenails regularly and be careful not to cut them too short or they will bleed)

10. Rabbits like to be in the middle of lots of noise and activity

(False: Rabbits are sensitive to loud noises and startle easily. They prefer to live in quieter homes but not in a spot so isolated that they become lonely.)